Children's party wizard magician
Children's party wizard magician
Wizard Magician Service Entertainment.
 Wizard Magician Service Entertainment.

Children's Magician Entertainer in London. Hire a Children's Magic Wizard Entertainer for Magic Party Enchantment.

Gandaldore the Wizard Magic Party Celebrations. Children's Magician Party Entertainer.

Hire a children's magician for a magic party wizardry celebration for the whole family. Illusions and close-up magic leaving you mystified. Gandaldore lives with the fairies and the pixies in Rothmythe castle.

 Wizard magician service. Gandaldore the Wizard. Children's Magician Entertainer.


The set: A castle moonlite night. The air still. The night sky softly glows. The moon bright and full of cosmic enchantment. All is calm and peaceful in the shires, and light spreads across the earth.

All is well..... 

"How are my little friends on this very special day?" 

Wizards help keep the calm and balance across the land. "Today, we shall all discover Magic .....I have charms and dreams for your delight. Pip and Peter are around here somewhere and they are my little helpers. How would I ever get my chores sorted without my little elf helpers? They are very shy, yet  never too far away.  They can be a wee bit mischievous at times, like hiding my spectacles, and letting the mice sleep in my slippers!"

Pip and Peter the elves are friends with the fairies and the pixies.


To the Hills far away, the castle cat woke to a crash and a bang. The wagon he had fallen fast asleep in, bounced across the rocky road. Disorientated and feeling very unsure, he scratched his head, and as he looked over the canvas cover, realised he was far away from the castle. The urge had seemed so irresistible to him at the time, for he had thought he had seen the Castle Mice scrambling towards the cart earlier in the day, looking on scraps for a tasty snack. So thinking he was clever, waited in pounce mode, hoping for a hearty meal of mice'ees. But, he was soon yawning and went wistfully, fast to sleep. Unfortunately for Clarence, he isn't the cleverest of cats, and gets distracted easily. He cant concentrate for too long, otherwise he gets a headache. "Oh!"  He thought, not knowing how long he had been asleep, or, how far the cart had journeyed. So he crawled cautiously, as not to make aware the driver. He got to the back of the cart, popped his head over the top and leapt onto the grass verge, without a sound. The cart squeaking somewhat, continued to meander down the hedge rowed lane. 
Clarence looked all around.  "Oh, i've never been to this place before" Clarence thought, and off he swayed.

Back at the castle, Gandaldore the wizard is preparing the next generation of potions, for his cocktail of Elixirs for his trusted friends, the pixies, fairies, the elves and all his helpers. Any ailment or ill feelings bestowed, would be remidied and cured by their magic power.


Gandaldore is a great and powerful wizard. He is both kind and generous, with an ear for sincerity. He has been with the dwarfs in their stronghold, 'Castle Rothmythe', which they have shared with the pixies and fairies for many years. The fairies have a small cluster of lump grass villages, to the east wing garden  inside the castle walls. The pixies, prefer the west side just outside the main wall. This place is known as the Emerald Forest. Rothmythe, is both peaceful and special. The castle is built on an ancient, crystal rock, which has many forces, having been layered throughout time, with the magic from generations of conjurers and sorcerers. This is an enchanting time. MMM..



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Children's Wizard Magician. Magic Family Party Entertainment. London.

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Gandaldore entertained on Apple Day at Kentish Town city farm NW5 on the 23rd of October 2016. 

Gandaldore entertained at the Dartmouth Park Street Party on the 11th September 2016  2017 and 2018 York Rise, London NW5.