Children's party wizard magician
Children's party wizard magician
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Smart Suit Magician for Party Entertainment presented by Zoltan Hoffman. Gandaldore the Wizard. Children's Magic Entertainer, London.

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cezar ruse


1 review


Response from the owner4 days ago

Thank you So much Cezar. It was wonderful meeting you all. A very big All the best.


Siew koon Ong


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4 days agoNEW

Fantastic magician…Kevin was also really friendly and had sweet stories of pixies and fairy’s  to tell while he was doing the magic, his magic amazed us, even though he only had a small space to work in it was even better as it was close up so even more if a wow factor and some tricks were even right up close to us and he asked for volunteers for other tricks so was very nicely interactive with the group of amazed  audience, he even treated my daughter to personal tricks just for her with some souvenirs to keep  well done Kevin I will definitely be hiring you again ????


Adam Fulrath


1 review


A  month ago

Kevin did a fantastic job as Gandaldore. He impressively entertained 20 six year olds for an hour with excellent up close magic and an awesome levitation finale. My son loved it as did all the other kids. Thank you for making his party special!


Clare Levy

2 days ago
Kevin was brilliant..... He was prompt to reply to my initial enquiry, arrived exactly on time and had 20 kids from 4 to 7 (and some 40+ kids;)) entertained for an hour. His tricks were varied and had the kids amazed and then screeching with delight. They are still talking about it days later.... He brings kids magic to another level and we all really enjoyed it. Thanks again.

Response from the owner
2 days ago
Thank you so much Clare.


PhilipJ Cassidy 

1 review

June 2019
A great wizard, brilliant magician and top bloke.  Great rapport from the off with the children and a great raconteur throughout.  My six year old son whose birthday it was, is still talking about the tricks 5 days later.  If you need a great wizard for your Harry Potter party look no further.  Highly recommended! Phil


Response from the owner
Thank you so much Phil and all the best for the future.


1 review · 6 photo

June 2019

Thank you Gandalore it was an honour to have you perform at our son’s Harry Potter 6th Birthday party. 
Your show was spell binding and truly amazed us all - across all ages young and old! 
Thoroughly intriguing and entertaining ... there were certainly lots of open mouths in wonderment! 
Thank you for traveling out to see us - from start to finish, your professionalism and enthusiasm for our event and your performance made for a stress free and enjoyable day. We cannot recommend you enough!
Hope to see you again soon.


Response from the owner
Thank you so much Lindsay. James and his friends were fabulous.
All the best to you all.


scarlett broca.    


The Wizard magician came to our 5 year old’s birthday party and managed to capture the attention of a group of very active children! The kids were mesmerized and couldn’t believe their eyes when the Wizard started flying!! I still wonder how silk could go through my iphone.. Fast pace, fun and impressive magic. Thank you!


Divya Kansagra.      


Fantastic set, fantastic show. Had the kids shouting out and squealing, had the adults super impressed. Some bits of magic were tailor made to get the kids engaged, others surprised adults and kids alike! Wouldn't hesitate to book him again!


Michaela Owens.
thank you so much kevin, you lit up my grandsons world with your awesome magic show, marvellous.


Bob Faulds.
Kevin the magician was ASTOUNDING at my friend, Carols 60th Birthday party. We were all very impressed with all his magic tricks. It made the night special, and I would highly recommend kevin....he was well worth the money.



KateR-136.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
10 Dec 2018

Great wizard 

My son (a hobbit fan) absolutely loved Kevin’s Gandaldore magic routine and the fact that he came with a castle backdrop and music made decorating for the party that much easier. Highly recommend if you have kids that can engage and watch in amazement at the wonder of magic. They particularly love the scarf through my phone trick

Business Response 10 Dec 2018 
Thank you so much. The children were brilliant. All the best. X



20 Oct 2017

Fantastic show!        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I've seen a few kids' magicians at parties but Kevin's magic tricks were well above all that. Some bits adults could see through, but really got the kids going (like the little house an elf kept popping out of different doors), while others were truly surprising for all of us adults! His character and storyline was engaging and consistent, his set was phenomenal and really created a magical atmosphere, and his magic was top notch. Would hire him again without hesitation.

Business Response 20 Oct 2017 

Thank you very much Divya, Gandaldore was delighted bringing magical enchantment to your special birthday/Halloween party. X



Linna  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My daughter had her 10th birthday party in July. Kevin was absolutely amazing, acting as Kevin, the magician. My daughter and her friends had a great time. It looks parents enjoyed the show too.

Thank you Kevin!

Business Response 15 Oct 2017 
It was fabulous meeting you all. Thank you. Happy days X



Kevin is so natural!        Gandaldore the wizard 
It was such a delight to have Kevin on my daughter's 8th Brithday party yesterday! He's very skillfull and evenall the kids were so stunned and forgot to clap! 

I strongly recommend him to have it at your kids party! Such an amazing man! Thanks, Kevin for yesterday and you're such a dedicative individual even on your own birthday, you've been really accommodating our needs...much appreciated! 

Business Response 20 Feb 2017 
Thanks very much Cindy, I really enjoyed the party. The Children were delightful. Lovely meeting you all. X


Magic.                        Smart suit magician party entertainment.
That's the best way to describe Kevin The Magician, and his most excellent show.
We had an 8th birthday party for my Nephew.
We usually do a small party with about 5 - 7 children, but this time we thought we'd make it more of an event. In the end we invited 20 children along to celebrate.
There was a little concern as to whether the children would be able to sit still and watch a magic show, but, hey-presto, like glue, they were all stuck to their chairs memorized and amazed by the magic show. 
We would highly recommend Kevin The Magician and his Wizard Magician Service to anyone who wants a great addition to a kids party, along with great value for money.
To see the children's faces light up in amazement was pure joy.
Equally, we are sure, like us, that you will also find yourselves and other adult guests dumbfounded and entertained by this great show.

Business Response 13 Feb 2017 
Thanks very much Tony, the children were a great audience. And an absolute pleasure meeting you all. Stay well in the future.


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Kevin;The Magician.       Smart suit magic

My wife just celebrated a special birthday. Kevin was a super wizard-magician, who entertained our family ( a group whose ages ranged from 5 to 75) He had tricks, illusions and magic to suit all ages, and we gave us a wonderful beginning to our afternoon's entertainment.I would recommend him to anyone who wanted a fun event to kick start their entertainment

Ron Cohen

Business Response 01 Feb 2017 
Thank you very much Ron, Your family are warm and welcoming. An absolute pleasure.



20th September 2021. Anne-Claire


The kids loved it and so did we! We had 17 seven year olds left wanting more! Thank you Kevin :)

Wizard Gandaldore.    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Dorothée 18 Sep 2019
Kevin is a great magician, with great contact with kids & very professional. He arrived an hour before for set up, started to do some tricks with kids prior to the show and really amazed all of us. Highly recommend him



Janice15/12/2018          Kevin Edwards smart suit Magician
Wow!  We were lucky enough to have chosen Kevin to provide entertainment  for our grown ups only  Christmas lunch party and the magic was - well - magical! I was sitting right at the front and could not see how  on earth he managed to change a silk handkerchief into a magic wand  "just like that!".  And what a lovely man. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending him  for children or adults.  
Thank you Kevin.



22/11/2016.                     Gandaldore the wizard 
He was really good with the tricks & keeping kids entertained so they were not bored, we had 30 kids plus adults &a party went really well, everyone enjoyed magic & amused by his tricks.
Sam replied:
Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule, giving Gandaldore a very good review.


  23/06/2016                     Gandaldore the wizard 
The performance was absolutely spell binding! The audience of 5-7 year-olds was entranced right from the start. The Wizard did a full half-hour spot, and kept everyone's attention right to the end - indeed they wanted more. From the excellent costume he wore, through the wide variety of magic tricks, and his gentle humour, he pitched the level exactly right. Highly recommended!
Phil Allen replied:
It was an absolute pleasure, the children were delightful, responsive and very good fun. Gandaldore


  18/06/2016.                     Gandaldore the wizard 
Fast speedy service very professional 
Jenny Miller Used this pro replied:
Thanks for inviting Gandaldore to your party, It was a pleasure, the children were engaging and fun. We all had a great time.


Sarah on facebook @wizard magician service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4th March 2017
Absolutely brilliant, my daughter loved it an so did everyone else. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a magician x

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Gandaldore entertained on Apple Day at Kentish Town city farm NW5 on the 23rd of October 2016. 

Gandaldore entertained at the Dartmouth Park Street Party on the 11th September 2016  2017 and 2018 York Rise, London NW5.