Children's party wizard magician
Children's party wizard magician
Children's Wizard Magician Entertainer
Children's Wizard Magician Entertainer

Film: Hire a children's magic close-up illusionist.

Gandaldore, a children's wizard magician. A birthday party magic show. 

Wizard  magician service. Gandaldore, Wizard & sorcerer. A children's wizard magic show based in London, England.

A children's magic show with close-up illusions and lots of surprises.

All is peacefully bliss and the moon bright, Gandaldore seems a bit lost, patting at his robe and riffing his pockets, his chest and oh what a panic he has got himself into."I'm having trouble finding my spectacles again. I know those pesky elves are playing tricks on me. Now where can they be?" In dispare with his brow sweaty, he wiped his head and aaarre oops  Fladump.

"There are my spectacles! What a silly old fool I can be sometimes." Gandaldore chuckles softly with a glimmering of remorse for thinking the worst of Pip and  Peter. 

Gandaldore is a bumbling old wizard, he is 126 years old and can be a little forgetful sometimes, which is why Pip and Peter the Elves, are so helpful. Hiring Gandaldore the wizard for your children's birthday parties,  are full of illusions and close-up slight of hand magic which will leave  your guests baffled and entranced.






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Children's Wizard magician London

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Based  in North London 



Gandaldore entertained on Apple Day at Kentish Town city farm NW5 on the 23rd of October 2016. 

Gandaldore entertained at the Dartmouth Park Street Party on the 11th September 2016 and 2017.York Rise, London NW5.