Children's party wizard magician
Children's party wizard magician
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Cosmic Universal Black Hole Magic Trick.  Cosmic Board. Jerry Andrus Zone Zero. 

Hand made in England to a high quality durable standard. 
Board measurements: 440mm x 280 mm 3 mm thick.
Three Hole size measurements.


80 mm For the Aspiring Younger Magician. 12+


95 mm For the Professional smaller adult magicians.


110 mm Standard insert size for all professional magicians.



With written explanations.Explaining the Jerry Andrus

techniques for Zone Zero.

MDF board, primed and printed with the original design and 
coated in strong durable clear plastic.
Board weight: 350grams. 


The board handles extremely well. The 3mm thickness allows for swift flowing movement. The light weight, easy flexibility. The durable plastic coating gives you a perfect handling grip during hand over switches, and ball control. A great addition to the professional magicians box of tricks.


Hand made. And now almost Factory perfect.

Cosmic board. £99.

Email me iff you would like a board. Then i'll list on Ebay.


Zone Zero A side

The Cosmic Universal Black Hole. Multiple balls Zone Zero Magic. 

The Cosmic Universal Black Hole Magic Trick.

By Kevin Edwards. 


The Board is shown on both sides, and the hands are shown empty.

Show the Audience three balls numbered one, two and three. The balls are solid bouncy balls. Introduce the board and explain, because we have gravity all around our black hole, we are able to get our objects back. Please allow me to show you. Ball one is placed inside the black hole,

the board is shown on all sides. And the hands are shown empty. Seems impossible.

Ball one is retrieved from the black hole. (Applause) 

"When the ball is pulled into the black hole, it is no longer visible. It is there though. Only outside the Abyss can the ball be seen." But we have three balls. Ball one goes back inside the hole.

Board and hands are shown on all sides. 
Ball two, then ball three are placed inside the black hole. 
Board and hands are shown empty.
But there are three balls inside the black hole???? 
Because our black hole has gravity all around. We can get them all back!!! 
Out comes ball three...followed by ball two..and finally, ball one.

(Applause and gasps)
But ladies and gentlemen........ Ball one goes back in.. Board and hands shown.. Board thrown in the air.. Then ball two and three go back in. The black hole is shown on both sides and tossed in the air.... All the balls are gone again... Inside the black abyss.. Until next time..

Loud applause. 



The Universal Cosmic Black Hole. Defying the laws of gravity and the concept of space and reality. A Magic illusion born from Jerrys Zone Zero. He had fantastic insight  into magical illusions.

Jerry Andrus' s mind just worked in a way that was different to everyone else's. His impact on magic was phenomenal and this remains one of his most prolific creations.
None are more famous, amazing, or popular than his Zone Zero. This routine is totally unique, not difficult to perform, and can be adapted to many situations and themes. 


Show a board (11" x 17" with the original Jerry Andrus design on both sides). There is a hole near the center. The board is shown on both sides. and both hands are shown empty. The performer reaches through the hole in the board with an empty hand and comes out with a brightly-colored (2.5") rubber ball. The ball is bounced on the floor to show it is an actual, solid ball. The ball is put back through the hole (and back into "Zone Zero"). Immediately the board is shown on both sides and both hands are repeatedly shown empty in the process...the ball is gone! The magician explains that the ball does not exist when it is in "Zone Zero." He reaches through the hole and brings the ball back out. "The ball exists when it's out here...but not when I put it through the hole and into Zone Zero." The ball is put through the hole and again it completely vanishes. The board is shown on both sides and the hands are empty. 

It seems impossible! No body loads. The principles involved can be utilized for a wide variety of other effects. Vanish objects besides a ball, like an orange, pack of smokes, rolled up socks, etc. In addition, you can also utilize the Zone Zero "Master Move" with objects other than the Zone Zero board. For example, show a large book on both sides, then produce items from a book. 

The Zone Zero Board Design on this board is the same as on the original board used by it's inventor, Jerry Andrus. Side one, on the left above, is a picture of Jerry's pulse. Jerry created this design by placing photographic paper on a turning drum. He then affixed a small mirror on his arm, so it moved with his pulse. In a dark room, he shined a light on the mirror so the reflected light hit the photographic paper on the turning drum. The result was a single, squiggly line created by his pulse. He then duplicated the design, in a spiral fashion, to create the design on the left. 


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