Children's party wizard magician
Children's party wizard magician
Children's Wizard Magician Entertainer
Children's Wizard Magician Entertainer

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Please look at the pictures to learn a little more about the magic show, and mysterious laser velvet cosmic night sky. Set in a moonlite castle with Gadaldore, the elves, and the pixies. 


The show is a medley of illusions, levitation, close-up magic, slight of hand, and lots of surprises. If you decide to hire Gandaldore the Wizard or Kevin smart suit magic.


I'll begin with a flash bang white silk production which will be disappeared in my hand, and reappeared through a borrowed empty rolled up bank note. Bank note returned. White silk then changes colour several times in my hand, only to be disappeared by a magic wand.


A magic movable chalk illusion on the elf's black cricket bat. Nice routine. 

Followed by a pencil ripping a hole in a banknote and through, only to be found, fully restored. Then I explain it's not been ripped, it's been burnt through and show you how.. Return undamaged note.


Silk through mobile phone screen as seen by Dynamo. 


The silk story.


Rope cut and restored. 


Appearing sponge ball magic close up routine, 


Gandaldore's mysterious universe vanishing black hole routine.


Then three different quick card routines. Gandaldore finds two secret cards (only known to the audience and my two volunteers) in the shuffled deck by magic.. Another with the fairies, where they visibly find my volunteers chosen card. The other where the volunteer rises their chosen card from the deck with the power of their mind. 


4 card manipulation vanishing/reappearing and transposing. Deck vanish


Ball in the bag reality imagination routine.


Gandaldore or Kevin gets thirsty and pours his favourite Fanta drink into a glass only to let go of the glass in mid air, (suspended while pouring) thanks to Pip and Peter the pixies. Then I insist on giving the elf's, the pixies and the fairies a drink to celebrate the child's birthday, so pour the Fanta in one cup, jiggle them, then pour into another cup, only to find after another jiggle the fairies have had their drink, and the beakers are completely empty.. 


After refreshment I impossibly burn a borrowed 10p into a clear empty wine bottle then bring back out. 


The great Chinese solid linking rings illusion. 


For the older children, a great ink transposition from their signed/initialled 10p on to a 2p from their own hands. Simply amazing magic in their face


Followed by a fun run rabbit run for the younger ones. The older children like this too, but very uncool to admit it.


A very nice cups and balls routine. (Flash wand appears the lemon)


Then use a magic wand to levitate a piece of tin foil, followed by Gandaldore complete body rising levetation from a magic box. 


A fantastic news paper rip and shred illusion/fast as a flash instant restoration. The best in the world?

Magic not necessarily in this order. 

Child participation throughout the show. Magic is very entertaining for all ages/adults 

Delightful vanishing close up slight of hand magic, and illusions that will leave your guests mystified. Please look in Showtime and Film.

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Mobile:  07938945896


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Based  in North London 



Gandaldore entertained on Apple Day at Kentish Town city farm NW5 on the 23rd of October 2016. 

Gandaldore entertained at the Dartmouth Park Street Party on the 11th September 2016 and 2017.York Rise, London NW5.