Children's party wizard magician
Children's party wizard magician
Children's Wizard Magician Entertainer
Children's Wizard Magician Entertainer

Children's Birthday Party Entertainment. A Wizard close-up  illusionist.

A birthday party entertainer. A magic memory for all.

My approach to children is respect. Plastic flowers popping out of a box at the birthday party, or the pages of a book, blank, then not, then coloured is ok. But, I think we deserve better. And so do you!

Gandaldore the wizard lives in a world of (his own) enchantment. 
Pixies and fairies. Elves and Dwarfs. Castle Rothmythe, the Emerald forest. 
Our magical home of wonderment. 
Gandaldore is usually found high in the castle. His laboratory consumes much of his imagination, along with his technical thirst for Alchemic wizardry genius..
Mmmm, the potions, the spells and magic, are all created here. Let the show commence.
Birthday Party Age range 4-8. Stretches to 10.. Oh alright! The adults like it too.


Kevin, smart suit magic is a sophisticated approach aimed at the more grown up children/young adults, aged 9-15. Also suited to family entertainment. Birthday parties.  All celebrations Ages 5-100.
Professional Quality close-up slight of hand magic wizardry, astounding all ages.
I have a natural gentle approach, and an easy agreeable grin.
Any comedy is accidental.

It is completely up to you how you want me to structure the showing. I enjoy being a charming magic close-up illusionist, who always as something amusing to say, while being respectful and polite with guests.

Please let me know! I would love to speak with you and learn how I can add a special part to your Birthday party or special event. Just call or email me so we can work together on planning your successful party.

Gandaldore is a close up illusionist, making things appear, or not appear to be what they are, or are not. This is the question.  

Did that just happen? Or did that just not happen? Children and adults will be fascinated with the magic and close-up illusions, in a show that delights and children light up in wonderment.





Contact me:

Mobile:  07938945896


Children's Wizard magician London

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Based  in North London 



Gandaldore entertained on Apple Day at Kentish Town city farm NW5 on the 23rd of October 2016. 

Gandaldore entertained at the Dartmouth Park Street Party on the 11th September 2016 and 2017.York Rise, London NW5.